Day +185

Naomi’s appt Wednesday was quick and painless. She had labs drawn to check her CBC and CMP. Her IgG dropped a little this week. I thought she had been more moody, tired and seemed to be fighting something. It is hard to be sure sometimes because she hides it well and her resounding strength makes it that only I can tell because Moms just know!

Her ANC was 1700, Hemoglobin 12 and platelets 280. Her doctor here will be contacting Dr. M in Wisconsin to see if spacing appts out every other week is acceptable. That would be LOVELY but at the same time there is security in seeing them every week. I can feel some anxious anticipation in the thought of going 14 days between doctor appts. Eek.

Naomi is doing well with school work; she practices Irish dance at home between classes to perfect new steps by the next class; a weak immune system is definitely slowing her down from what she would rather be doing. I am thankful that where we live there is outdoor space for her to run and explore. It has definitely been a good move for the children. In 2 weeks, she will have her cast removed. We look forward to that day.

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