Day +225

Naomi continues to do very well.  She had no hematology appointment this week.  The home delivery pharmacist who prepares her antifungals and IV fluids calls me each Monday morning.  This week, she asked about the convenience/comfort of the CADD pump for Naomi to sleep with each night.  I told her, honestly, that the pump is loud and Naomi is annoyed by it.  So, the pharmacist provided us with some gravity-based lines to avoid the pump sound overnight.  Naomi used it for the first time last night.  It was awesome for her.  She said that she thinks it was the best night of sleep she has ever had.  It primes much more quickly for me, too.  I am also happy to not need a 9V battery every other day to run the pump.  The pharmacist also inquired about Naomi’s creatinine levels and then suggested that I ask Dr if we can decrease to an IV bag every other night at our next appointment.  It might be easier to do that than wean her based on fewer hours each night, and then we can decrease by the nights of week she needs the fluids.

Naomi and Lauryn baked a cake for Day +225 in honor of Micayah.

2 thoughts on “Day +225

  1. You are 1 strong little girl. I just got a line put in my neck for IV meds and im in agony. How do you sleep? I don’t like sleeping on my back and they won’t let me sleep on my left side. This is awful! What’s the secret?

    • Shirley,
      Have you tried a wedge on your bed? Go to google and type “wedge for bed” and there are a lot of options. That might help. My line is not in my neck but on my chest. So I can sleep on both sides. I wouldn’t like a line in my neck at all!
      Love, Naomi

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