Lauryn came down with the flu Wednesday night. Naomi got it Thursday. Since they share a room, it is no surprise. Naomi vomited only once, napped on and off all day, was able to eat dinner later at night (chicken and rice) and is totally normal today. I did give her one dose of zofran to help with nausea. But today, She is singing, showered and dressed in a lovely skirt and playing with her dolls.

Lauryn & Naomi 1, Flu 0

And that was without them ever having had a flu shot!



Today was Naomi’s scheduled Pentamidine infusion. All her counts were good. We got results from her tcells tests done last month and the tcell count that was 87 last we knew has gone up to 244. She is approaching “normal range” which begins at 300. This prompted her doctor to remove isolation protocols and to allow Naomi to cease IV hydration. Starting this weekend, I will have 3 hydration bags at home to give her as needed and then I can simply get them replaced as needed from the home health agency.

It was a long appointment for us to get some school work done as we work fervently to complete this semester by Friday. Our family is very much looking forward to 2 weeks at home together and to move into 2018 leaving this year behind us. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hold you all in our prayers for a Happy New Year full of health and happiness.

Some photos of life in Las Vegas:

Christmas in the desert – my roses are in bloom.

As a National Honor Society student, Micayah had to choose a place to volunteer time and energy over this school year. He chose the Ronald McDonald House of Las Vegas. He shopped for kids and dropped off gifts for their Christmas party.

Lauryn and Naomi before their tea party.

Nightly readings around the Advent candles.

Happy Birthday, Malakye!

A reindeer named Aslan.


Shop with a Cop

The North Las Vegas Police Department and Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation invited Naomi to participate in the 2017 Shop with a Cop Event. Naomi was paired with Officer Scott Vaughn of North Las Vegas and Metro. It was an exciting morning of pictures with Santa, breakfast with the police force and staff of the event, and Naomi and Scott (and I) walking through Target to buy whatever Naomi wanted.

Being selfless, Naomi first shopped for her siblings and then for herself. She choose shirts, slippers, a watch, some games and a puzzle. After checking out, she still had money to spend and was able to go back through the store and spend more. She choose snacks to share with her family. Again, she demonstrated that her family means everything to her and I cannot even put my feelings into words about that.

The entire event was heart-touching and made her smile and feel so special. After the year she has had, I am so thankful to Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation and the North Las Vegas police force. I cannot say enough about Officer Vaughn and how much respect and compassion he demonstrated. He introduced us to the Chief, the Mayor, the former Mayor and some of the officers and swat team. It was definitely a day we will never forget.

Naomi’s balloon floated to the ceiling. He lifted her up to get it, but they couldn’t reach it alone. So someone brought over a ladder to rescue the balloon. Sinéad was very happy for that balloon once Naomi brought it home to her!



“A watched pot will boil because I will sit here and prove it,” she said.

5 minutes later, she was in the living room watching Very Hungry Caterpillar with Sinéad and she never came back. I found the pot boiling myself.

She has had good days since her visit to the dr last week. We have not had to use the zofran prescription at all. We canceled her appointment scheduled for today since her labs were so good last week.

It has gotten so cold here. We hope to keep the oven going with cookies and baked goods to help us stay warm. 🙂

Stay warm!


No Appointment Today

Naomi’s labs yesterday came back really good. Her IgG went up to 748 and her creatinine and BUN were the best ever since transplant! So whatever the nausea and stomach issues were yesterday have passed. We do have a Zofran prescription at home now. So if it happens again, I can hydrate her here and give her a dose of Zofran. We will all be very happy if that was the last time we have an episode like that!



The day turned downhill for us when Naomi woke feeling awful. Nausea and lethargy were her symptoms. Within an hour of waking, she threw up, couldn’t eat a thing and couldn’t get her meds down. With lower-than-usual counts last week, I called the nurses to check in. We headed to the clinic for IV Zofran and super hydration. She picked up well. Her labs were much better than last week. Her platelets rose to 370; hemoglobin to 11.2; ANC is elevated at 9800, so she is definitely fighting something. We may need to go back tomorrow pending results of labs in the morning. They ran a bunch of tests. Her urine test results were good though. So we shall just wait and see. I am thankful tonight she seems like herself again. She may have just not drank enough fluids over the past few days. Or it could be an illness but she ate this afternoon. I enjoyed having Micayah with us at the clinic. It helped pass the time more quickly as Naomi and he took turns picking on each other. She loved trapping him in the crib…. tomorrow is Dec 1st. Counting down to Day 300 – New Year’s Day!