The day turned downhill for us when Naomi woke feeling awful. Nausea and lethargy were her symptoms. Within an hour of waking, she threw up, couldn’t eat a thing and couldn’t get her meds down. With lower-than-usual counts last week, I called the nurses to check in. We headed to the clinic for IV Zofran and super hydration. She picked up well. Her labs were much better than last week. Her platelets rose to 370; hemoglobin to 11.2; ANC is elevated at 9800, so she is definitely fighting something. We may need to go back tomorrow pending results of labs in the morning. They ran a bunch of tests. Her urine test results were good though. So we shall just wait and see. I am thankful tonight she seems like herself again. She may have just not drank enough fluids over the past few days. Or it could be an illness but she ate this afternoon. I enjoyed having Micayah with us at the clinic. It helped pass the time more quickly as Naomi and he took turns picking on each other. She loved trapping him in the crib…. tomorrow is Dec 1st. Counting down to Day 300 – New Year’s Day!

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