First Irish Dance Competition

Naomi had a wonderful weekend at her first Irish feis. She competed in the reel, light jig and single jig on both Saturday and Sunday. She came home with 3 first place medals and a third. Best of all, she really enjoyed it and wants to keep dancing.

Yesterday, we also recognized that 1/15 was her and Micayah’s 4th anniversary for the first transplant. It is so hard to process the emotions of all that means. Thankfulness for Micayah’s sacrifice; sadness for Naomi’s endurance and all the life changes she experienced. The only thing we can do is keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Naomi’s appointment on Tuesday brought some disappointment as her platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells all took a pretty big drop. It is hopefully (and according to the NP a common) viral suppression from the flu/illnesses she has been dealing with but there is always concern when things turn suddenly like they have this week. Aplastic Anemia seems to always be knocking on our door reminding us of its existence and that eradicating it from our lives is impossible. After having an almost 3 year stretch between transplants, I do not think we will ever feel completely at peace that all will be well. Seeing her in tears and full of panic at her blood count results today was a heartbreaking experience. I composed myself and tried to be positive and encouraging while feeling fear myself. I will have my cry at home later. Now I need to be strong. Her NP has been most attentive and loving today. I am so thankful for the angels that are in our lives through this.

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