Wednesday was Naomi’s first appointment since having her catheter removed. We went into the waiting room, not being on isolation protocols anymore, and sat in the waiting area for the first time in years. I cannot remember the last time we were in that room. For at least the past 18-20 months, we have rang the doorbell and been let directly into an isolation room via the nurses door. After about 10 minutes in the waiting room, they did take us into isolation and skipped the common vitals area. I think they really love her and dote on her to do that. They also took us to our favorite of the 3 rooms we get assigned to most. There is a cold room and a hot room and a small room. We prefer the cold room. Then we sat there for about 30 minutes waiting for a lab tech to do Naomi’s first blood draw in approximately 18 months.

As you can see from the photos, Niamh was not as interested in the blood draw as Naomi. Naomi didn’t even flinch.

By the way…. All vitals were awesome. She gained over 2 lbs and gained an inch or two also. She is doing amazing. Her lab results were stellar too: platelets 220,000 and hemoglobin 13.8! Those are the two numbers we are watching most now. The platelets were what began to drop first after her first transplant. We will also watch her white blood cell trends. Her monocytes are quite active right now, likely because she is off immune-suppression and they are working to fight things.

For anyone following her progress and looking at our post-transplant protocol: she is currently taking Floradix, papaya enzymes, food based vit C, vitamin D3, desiccated liver, and probiotics. All of these were approved by her dr.