15 Hours and 500 miles

Well, that about says it all. We went down to COH and back in 15 hours. I had forgotten that Friday traffic into Nevada from CA was going to he backed up. I am always slightly amused when driving on a stretch of empty road through the desert only to come to a complete and total stop with bumper to bumper traffic. It is always there at the state line. We were thankful to have uneventful travels.

I am especially proud of my two little warriors. They each had so much blood taken, again. All the blood tests for Micayah needed to be repeated since the last round of blood tests were done more than 30 days before Naomi’s scheduled admission. I must admit that I do not understand why it is necessary to do HLA matching again. Is it possible that a perfect match can become less than perfect over 30 days?

We are soaking up every minute of home while starting the packing process again, all while keeping our fingers crossed really tight with fervent prayers for no further delays.

2 thoughts on “15 Hours and 500 miles

  1. The journey of our life is always unique. The twists and turns we encounter upon it can always bring the most amazing things out that person or persons. Life will always be a path we will have to walk and all we can do is the best we have and the best we have to offer. Love is one thing we can offer those around us and any help to those in need. Many may try to delay us but patience is all we can have and then move on with the next step in our journey in life. Many, Many, Many Prayers to all of you on your Journey and along with that Many, Many Blessings I Love you all.

    Uncle Ross/Ross

    • Your words are true, Ross. I have realized through this situation with Naomi that each of us truly have our own path in life. While Naomi and the entire family are affected by her illness, we are all affected in different ways and it is part of our path, who we are, and what we are, even the reason why we are here. These last few months have taught me so much. But mostly, I it has taught me to never underestimate what is possible or impossible. Thanks for your prayers. We look forward to seeing you!

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