Day +9

I am so excited that we are finally technically at Day +10 that it is tempting to just post about my excitement. But, alas, this is supposed to be about +9. So, I will stick on task.

+9 was a weird day. I should end there, but for your amusement, I will elaborate.

Caitriona was out of sorts due to teething. So, she kept me out of Naomi’s room quite a bit.

In the evening, I was informed by the evening nurse that the daytime nurse charted that Naomi “refused” her oral care. In reality, Naomi buried her oral care under a mountain of stuff on her tray and because I was distracted by Caity, she did not get reminded. When I asked the evening nurse why she was not reminded to take it, the nurse told me that they could be more insistent if I permitted them to be so. Ummm, I cannot be here 24/7. So, do we allow a 6 year old to dictate her medical care in my absence? Of course they should be more insistent!

There have been some nurses who have come in here and said things like, “Naomi, this is the second reminder to take your medicine. I will watch you do it now.” Those are the kinds of nurses that get instant results and credibility with Naomi. Nurses, like today’s, that do not spend time with her, drop her meds and run, and chart that she “refused” when she was really just distracted by playing with her sister (like a 6 year old should be able to do!) are quickly dismissed as here to collect paycheck and not really caring. Or maybe that is how just I perceived her. 😉

The final weird thing to happen was at dinner. I was texting Aaron while Nanny, Lauryn and I were managing Cait. Cait, teething (and trying on her new obsession with the word “no” to everything I tell her to do) was quite a handful all day. At dinner, I wanted peace. So I more or less let her be a big girl, feed herself and not sit in the highchair. All my decisions were thoroughly thought out, deliberate and the actions of a seasoned mom of 6. I was not interested in a power struggle. I wanted food! Initially, my phone tucked in my bag and everything was going well. Cait got tired of eating and started goofing around and climbing on my back. While wrestling with her, my text messages beeped and I knew it was Aaron. Caity continued to climb on me. I wanted food! So I grabbed a highchair and put her in it. There was NO way that she would consent to be buckled in without screaming in the restaurant and I was certain that everyone else there wanted peace as much as me. I chose not to buckle her in.

She sat nicely long enough for me to finish eating and to respond to a few text messages from my HUSBAND. Then she tried standing. I sat her down ad hurried to finish eating. Then, she was sitting on the edge of the highchair between my Grandmother and me and I put her back in her seat. She sat on the edge again and I removed her from the highchair to my lap and tickled her while texting my HUSBAND. Her Daddy!

Some older woman came up to me, placed her hand on my shoulder and proceeded to catch me completely by surprise by chastising me for “texting during dinner and neglecting my family.” I did not take her chastising so well and told her in no uncertain terms that she was a nosey woman who totally misjudged me. I was texting my HUSBAND who is in another STATE and I was far from neglecting my family. She then proceeded to tell me that she could see I was hurting and need Jesus. Now I was angry. Of course, I am “hurting” but not because I “need Jesus.” It is because my daughter is fighting for her life and I am exhausted! I told her that I knew God the Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit and am a member of the Holy Catholic Church. She said that she was Pentecostal and ready for the rapture and I could have a church community with her church. She totally dismissed my faith! She proceeded to tell me that the Catholic Church does not read enough of the Bible and I should pay more attention to the book of Acts and come to her church where I will hear prophecy and speaking in tongues.

I could not help but laugh at her saying that we do not read enough of the Bible. She has obviously never attended an RCIA class or a Catholic Mass at any point in her life!

Lauryn, by my side, laughed too and said we read Bible chapters every say and attend Latin Mass. Ahhh! I have to admit that I cringed when Lauryn said Latin Mass because I anticipated the woman’s reaction. Sure enough , the woman proceeded to attack Catholic readings and Latin as a dead language with no spiritual enrichment. She said we should be reading the Bible in our own language to understand it better. She has no idea that the readings ARE in our own language at the Mass, even a Latin Mass! So speaking in any “tongue” other than Latin is ok? She really barked up the wrong tree. I told her she was a judgmental hypocrite. She knew nothing about me, misjudged me and then attempted to help me “find Jesus” based on what she thought she knew about me. I guess she never read the verse about removing her plank…..

I think she thought she was going to evangelize me from the start. I believe that was her intent for chastising me to begin with. She saw me texting on my phone during dinner and interpreted that as being troubled or as she put it, “hurting in my heart and needing Jesus.” Yes, I am hurting. But I know I have Jesus. I also know that I needed to text with my husband who I miss and did not need to defend myself to a total stranger. Next time, I think I will just eat hospital food!

What a weird experience. What a weird day. I am beginning to go stir crazy at the hospital. I cannot imagine poor Naomi not even leaving the room for almost 2 weeks now. I am so excited that Day +10 is finally here! We covet your prayers as we crawl through these last few days waiting for signs of cell growth.

6 thoughts on “Day +9

  1. OMG. I think I would have been a lot less charitable than you were. I would have told her that as Catholics WE WROTE THE BIBLE! and that if her judgemental ways were what it means to be Pentacostal I am glad I am not one and perhaps she should seek Jesus and not judge lest she be judged.

    • I do not think I was charitable. I did tell her she was judgemental, lacked compassion and obviously had preconceived ideas of who I was and what kind of mother I was. I think it was interesting that she mentioned she was only concerned because she is a grandmother and worries about her own grandchild that she cannot see. Tells me there were some family issues there, perhaps?

  2. Remember what people see or persevere is in the eye of the beholder. We move on each and everyday day and start new. So what happened yesterday is like a footprint in the sand. I am glad everyone is doing well and look forward to the day when Naomi can be released and can come home. I say many prayers for all of you and blessings. Take care all of you.
    Uncle Ross/Ross

    • Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts, Ross. We are looking forward to her being released, too. Hospital living is certainly not fun. Hope you are staying warm!

  3. What a difference in your day had she asked if she could help with the kids or asked what she could do instead of lecturing. We Catholics are pretty good about lecturing but we don’t reach out enough. Stay strong,….maybe your “feedback” will help her although…..

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