Whirlwind Day

The emotions of Thursday were something I will likely not be recovering from anytime soon!

During labs, Cait and Niamh were SCREAMING at each other and I had to whisk them both up in my arms and run out of the lab, leaving Micayah to be with Naomi. They were DONE with the clinic since they had been there three days this week.

Before we even walked out of the hospital doors, a nurse from the lab called to tell me that Naomi’s counts dropped again and she would be needing transfusions. Her hemoglobin had dropped to 7.9.

While exchanging information, there was some miscommunication about Naomi’s white blood cell count. Long story short, I heard her say ANC was .1 and asked in absolute shock, “ANC is 100???” which would have meant that the graft was failing. She replied, “yes.”

The world started spinning. My stomach twisted and I felt instantly nauseous. I looked at Micayah and thought that the transplant would need to be repeated and how he might take the news. I quickly texted Aaron and said I needed him to start making his way to CA because with counts that low, she would likely be readmitted. During that window of time, until we met with the dr, if I had a bubble, Naomi would have been LOCKED inside. It was truly the worst moments of my life! During this time, we all went to the fountain, made a wish and threw a penny into the water. We undoubtedly all asked for the same thing: a miracle. God hears prayers.

We finally went into the exam room a little after 1pm, two and a half hours after the labs were done, and 2 hours after the news had been phones to me.

When the dr came in the room, she did not seem anxious at all and was friendly. I asked why her counts dropped so much and she asked what I meant. Now, she looked confused and said that only the reds dropped and not terribly, but enough to transfuse. She quickly opened the chart for me and we looked at the labs together. God hears prayers.

Hemoglobin had dropped .5 to 7.9. The threshold for needing a transfusion is 8! She had just needed a transfusion. The ANC was NOT .1 (100). They were 1.1!!!!! That was just fine and indicated her marrow was working very hard she was not experiencing graft failure. God hears prayers.

The difference of a 1 from. 1.1 was enormous. It was a relief. Naomi was thrilled she would not need to readmitted. I removed her from the bubble in my mind, but I am still in a bit of shock over it all.

Aaron, however, was on his way here already. He ended up rescuing me and taking most of the kids home to give me a break. A true dad, willing to take a few weeks off of work so that I can dote on Naomi and recover from the roller coaster of AA.

This disease leaves us constantly on the edge of our seats. We cannot let our guard down for fear of being taken by surprise. We are back in the clinic today. 4/5 days this week. What a week! I would have never expected to be in this situation of needing a transfusion at day +57. But we are thankful the whites did not drop like we had thought they had.

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