Labs today were great! Across the board, Naomi’s counts rose. Her ANC is 1300, WBCs 2300. Her platelets rose to 219,000 and her hemoglobin went up .3 to 10.6. The hemoglobin was a small jump, but everything jumped quite a bit.

We spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday pushing the fluids on Naomi. She has been drinking Traditional Medicinals Burdock with Stinging nettle for kidney function; Every Day Detox with Lemon for liver health and taking cranberry capsules. We have been pushing 72 ounces per day on her. It has been challenging at times but it was very well worth it since her dr was “very, very, very impressed” – her words.

If we can maintain the liver and kidney function throughout the weekend, we will be back to once a week appts.

Her one nagging issue continues to be high potassium levels. She was given the milkshake med today to flush the excess potassium. Hopefully now that her kidneys are functioning better, that will drop and stay low, too.

We will celebrate Micayah’s birthday this weekend and spend time as a family. We are very happy for her wonderful labs today, but it is quite a challenge to maintain these fluid intake levels for her!

One thought on “+64

  1. Dear Naomi, I am glad to hear you are heading back to better health. I think of you on my daily walks (cloudy or sunny) as you get closer to your day of recovery.Thinking of you makes me smile every day because you truly are a special person in my life. You take care and I say many prayers for all of you. I hope you have a Great Weekend with everybody and tell Micayah Happy Birthday 🙂


    Uncle Ross/Ross

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