Riding in Style

Naomi spent about 45 minutes on Sunday learning how to ride a bike on two wheels. By Monday afternoon, she was racing down the sidewalk. I have to admit that the bruises on her shins make my heartbeat increase. I am happy to say that I have only felt her head with my palm for the past two days instead of chasing her down with a thermometer multiple times a day. I am becoming more discreet with the palm check, too, doing it while hugging her mostly.

It has been great to be home. It is liking moving in all over again. We have been cleaning house. I mean REALLY cleaning house. Decluttering, reorganizing, redecorating. We started the full schedule of our new homeschool curriculum this week, too. Back in CA, we had poked around at it some but did not fully implement it. I am wondering why I did not go to a curriculum before now! We all are really enjoying the Mother of Divine Grace Catholic Classical approach to homeschooling. It is the best of homeschooling and Catholic school combined. It took me only 5 hours to complete the lessons with all 5 homeschooled children on the first day! That is amazing, considering that they are all at different levels for most subjects. I was able to combine a few classes for them to make it fun and family-oriented.

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