Day +109

We ignored that tomorrow is Monday and lived our weekend to its fullest. The kids played outside. Us parents got in some much needed down time. We all enjoyed the weekend.

And then night came. Lauryn and Naomi packed clothes to go to CA. Three changes of clothes and a pair of pajamas -“just in case.” I have only one set of clothes, for the same reason.

As I prepared my stuff by the door, Caitriona followed me around…..
“Where you going, Mama?”
To see Naomi’s doctor.
“Naomi sick?”
No. She is not sick. But we have to see her doctor because it is time for that.
“You come back? She come back?”
Yes, sweetheart. We will be back. (Lump forming in my throat. HOW do I guarantee that? I can never be sure myself.)
“Oh, Naomi will get better and you will be back.”
Yes, Caitriona. Naomi IS getting better and I WILL be back. (She is so smart for 2 years old! Look at her faith. We have spent a lot of time talking about how when I leave I will come back.)
“You be back Friday.”
No! I should be back MONDAY, Cait. Tomorrow. I should leave AND come back tomorrow.
“I miss you, Mama.”
The tears were flowing.

Going to City of Hope has such a mixed effect on us. It is like going home in some strange way. There is familiarity. But there is comfort in the fact that her doctors are among the world leaders in Naomi’s illness. Yet, it is like revisiting a crime scene. There were so many emotions that happened there. I always think back to the day she was finally discharged and free. To have had such an amazing recovery since that day has been a huge blessing. I feel thankful for these days, weeks, MONTHS of improving health.

But my conversation tonight with Cait was hard. How did I leave home for months? How did I leave home for days? May God spare us from any further admissions or illness. I pray for safe travels, good counts, a possible order to remove the catheter, and to come home right away. May He continue to Bless Naomi with energy, happiness and improving health.

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