Day +149

Naomi and I were sitting beside each other at the table beading today.  She brushed against me and felt a bit warm.  I panicked and touched her forehead to check for a fever.  Of course, she was fine.  Do you have any idea how many times a week I put my hand on her forehead as she brushes past me?  

When I did that, she rolled her eyes a bit and made a face saying “here we go, again.”  So, I grabbed her and hugged her tight and gave her tickles and kisses.  I love being able to be silly and fun with her and not worry about an access line, hurting her, etc.

+150 tomorrow.  We are thankful for the miraculous recovery she has had so far.  Minimal illnesses and quick recoveries and soaring counts.  Her liver and kidneys are handling her cyclosporine just fine.  We are also on a 90 day mail order program now.  So I do not even need to go get her meds myself.  Today we are baking and cooking and crafting – all to avoid the 100+ degree temps outside.  Summer is definitely here in the desert.

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