BMT +1

Naomi had a decent day today.  She was more like herself with her sense of humor being there, and not just negativity.  She allowed me to take a few photos today too – and even smiled!  She had a busy day with tube changes, a short spa session (bath), a dressing change over her catheter, and a platelet infusion.  When the nurse asked Naomi how she’d like the day to go, Naomi answered, “I don’t have any plans and my schedule is free so I’m willing to do what works for your schedule.”  It was rather hilarious.

All of our nurses are amazing but we were excited today to have the two sisters both taking care of Naomi.  It is nice to see 2 sisters who work together, are friends and raising their kids close.  They are both very good nurses, too.  Naomi  also did a dance class and left the room to eat lunch in the family room with Me and Micayah.  She fell asleep tonight listening to me read.  Micayah and I finished Echo tonight – in her room while she rested peacefully.

She started a new 500 piece puzzle, packing up the 1000 piece that she started yesterday to save it for outpatient at the RMH.

She started the day fixated on apple pie.  I added it to her breakfast, but they said it wasn’t ready yet.  So I called down at lunch to request it and the nutritionist said it was too hot to eat.  She called me back a few minutes later and said that he put a huge note on the apple pie that as soon as it could be cut into slices that a piece should be brought to 581.  Naomi said that they didn’t need to wait and could bring the whole thing!

Micayah was sentimental about leaving today.  We all were really.  It is bittersweet that he needs to leave.  I am thankful he can get back for Irish Dance performances starting Friday night.  He was out of the wheelchair all day today and his scabs fell off.  He has some bruising on his back but feels pretty good.  He is taking Floradix iron supplements to help rebuild his blood supply and his multi-vitamins.  He hugged me a lot today and massaged my shoulders often.  He was very hands on with Naomi’s care today giving me a little rest as he prepares to leave and I’ll be left to make her use the mouthwash myself.  (That is the biggest daily challenge – the purple neon mouthwash that she fights with me about 4 doses a day.)  I will miss him so much.

He and I came to the RMH for dinner tonight.  He was able to see the friends he made here one last time and play a few games of chess.  We’ve met a few great families here but this particular family happens to be a Catholic homeschooling family and qualifies as “large” too!  I am thankful for the good people we’ve met in this part of the country.  He was hugged by many as they thanked him for what he did and wished him luck at his dance performances this St. Patrick’s Day season.

Tomorrow will be busy day getting him to the airport.  Keep him in your thoughts as he goes back to Nevada.

I’ll end with two of my favorite quotes from Echo, by Pam Munoz Ryan.  It was the best historical novel I’ve read in a while.

Your fate is not yet sealed

Even in the darkest night, A star will shine,

A bell with ring, A path will be revealed


Everyone needs a little beauty and light in their lives, especially during the worst of times.

One thought on “BMT +1

  1. Praying for a safe trip for Micayah. God Bless him. Look forward to seeing him serving at Mass on Sunday. Naomi looks really good. I pray she continues to improve and you’re all home soon.

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