BMT +29 (Wednesday, day 45)

We all slept in until 10am. We had breakfast and then worked on a puzzle until McNugget arrived. While Sinéad played in the playroom, Naomi and Caitríona played with McNugget and I knitted. Sinéad was very into dressing up today. While I knitted, I made myself a cup of tea and then Sinéad proceeded to drink it all. 

Naomi was disconnected from her IV to play with McNugget. It is raining today so gojng outdoors was not an option. They enjoyed playing hide and seek with McNugget which involves hiding treats for him and letting him find them. 

We had a second session of pet therapy today with the rabbits. They are huge! I did not get good photos of them though. Naomi took one on her ipad and sent it to me. 

I chopped and prepped a big lunch. There was no meal served tonight for dinner. It is provided when volunteers come to prepare it. Having no volunteers tonight we are each on our own. There is a lot of food in the general pantry for us to use. I also have my grocery delivery for nights such as these. I preferred that our big meal be at lunch today and then a light dinner. 

Naomi played piano for a little while. We are learning to be out if our room early in the day. There is less exposure for her. All of the photos are not in pretty shape today because I have had a really slow internet connection and an not willing to mess with it anymore while tending to very needy children. 


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