Today was Naomi’s scheduled Pentamidine infusion. All her counts were good. We got results from her tcells tests done last month and the tcell count that was 87 last we knew has gone up to 244. She is approaching “normal range” which begins at 300. This prompted her doctor to remove isolation protocols and to allow Naomi to cease IV hydration. Starting this weekend, I will have 3 hydration bags at home to give her as needed and then I can simply get them replaced as needed from the home health agency.

It was a long appointment for us to get some school work done as we work fervently to complete this semester by Friday. Our family is very much looking forward to 2 weeks at home together and to move into 2018 leaving this year behind us. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hold you all in our prayers for a Happy New Year full of health and happiness.

Some photos of life in Las Vegas:

Christmas in the desert – my roses are in bloom.

As a National Honor Society student, Micayah had to choose a place to volunteer time and energy over this school year. He chose the Ronald McDonald House of Las Vegas. He shopped for kids and dropped off gifts for their Christmas party.

Lauryn and Naomi before their tea party.

Nightly readings around the Advent candles.

Happy Birthday, Malakye!

A reindeer named Aslan.

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