Day -1 Begins

The last pre-transplant chemo has been fully infused and flushed through her catheter. Micayah and I hung out with her late tonight. Well, he did, while I caught up on some sleep on the cot in her room. Since Micayah is not allowed to sleep there, we are now back at the hotel for the night. The nurses have my contact info if they or Naomi need me, but tonight I am looking forward to a decent night of sleep.
Naomi is resting very well at the hospital. They provided her with an iPad to fulfill all her electronic needs. She plays games on there when she feels playful, watches netflix when she wants to zone out, and listens to Pandora as she sleeps. She also has a cellphone that I gave her and she aptly texts and calls when she wants, but mostly texts. I guess that is the life of a modern six year old….
She will get her last round of rATG in the morning. We pray that her body is fully conditioned for her new marrow and that this will be the last ATG to course through her veins. We have a lot of waiting and praying in future days. Thank you for being along side us through this journey and for keeping Naomi and Micayah in your thoughts and prayers. They are both amazing kids – and I do not say that just because they are mine. Gifts from God, they have both taught me so much and I am told wherever I go what awesome kids I have. Aaron and I are both thankful to be their parents.
Here is to a smooth and easy Day -1!

2 thoughts on “Day -1 Begins

  1. I think that’s what kids where meant to do sometimes in life for parents. Put smiles on their parents faces when days maybe blue and come up with all kinds of facts or feats that will amaze any parent. What would this world do with out all of you. Miss you all. I am glad to see everyone is doing well. Take care and I continue to say my prayers for you all.
    Uncle Ross/Ross

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