Day +124 a Clinic Appt

There was plenty of good news during our trip to COH today. Naomi had her first blood test without a Broviac. She hopped right into the lab chair, put down the arm of it and extended her right arm out for the nurse. No hesitation. No fear. When the nurse put the butterfly into her vein, she did not blink and watched the entire process. I marveled at how brave she was throughout the blood draw. The nurse complimented her as well.

Our visit with the doctor was also amazing. All of Naomi’s counts are soaring.
WBC 7.7!
ANC 6.7!
Platelets 285,000!
RBC 3.16!
Hemoglobin 10.8!

Her nutrient, kidney and liver levels are all fantastic, too. She is free to swim now since four days have passed since her surgery to remove the Broviac. We do not return to COH until June 16! In the interim, we will visit her hematologist here at home. Her cyclosporine level was a little low and I might receive a call to increase her dose. She wrinkled her nose about that news. The cyclosporine we get here in Vegas is way more stinky than what we got in CA and she is sure to remind me of that often as she gags it down.

Today was a very, very good day!

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