Local Appt Day +194

6 more days until day 200! It snuck up on me, really. We have been so busy being…… normal. So, I do not know what we will do that day to celebrate. We usually attend Church in the morning and then crash at home the rest of the day. So, we will have to have a family discussion about it.

Naomi’s appt today was fast and fantastic. Her labs were the best ever, I think.

WBCs 6.5
Hg 11.6
RBCs 3.48
Plt 391
ANC 4400!

Such awesome labs! That is my word today: awesome.

The doctor’s word for the day was “fantastic.” We saw Dr. Walsh for the first time since before the transplant. She raved about how fantastic Naomi looks. All Naomi’s vitals were perfect and she said Naomi looks “fantastic.” When coming back with the lab reports, she said they looked “pretty fantastic,” too.

In other news, if you are not a Facebook friend, then you likely missed the announcement that Wilson Baby 7 is due in late January. Girls 5, Boys 2. Final score?

We are all doing very well and have slacked on school the past few weeks to just BE. When Naomi and I returned from CA, we kind of jumped back into a school routine. Now, we need a bit of a summer before summer is gone. Monsoon season is here. We are appreciating the thunderstorms and ability to dance in the rain.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

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