Day +243 Fairy Blessings

I attempted to pay a bill at St. Rose last Friday.  I was on hold forever and never did get through to make a payment because the automated system was not cooperating for me….

I tried again this afternoon.  I was getting REALLY angry because I was told by the automated system that our account number did not exist and I needed to talk with someone to make a payment.  After 2.5 hours of being passed from office to office, it was confirmed by a manager that ALL of Naomi’s accounts are paid in full with a $0 balance and CLOSED.  The automated system would not let me pay a bill under her account number because there are no bills to pay!

According to my records, which are always precise and accurate because I record everything, her balance at St. Rose was $1250.  Today it is $0.

I went from crying tears of frustration over bills to weeping at the miracle of it.  It may be a computer glitch, Divine intervention, or a loving soul who is watching out for us.  We feel incredibly blessed.  If whoever paid this on our behalf reads here, may your kindness be heaped back on your shoulders 1000-fold!

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