BMT +27 (Monday, day 43)

Today flew by. It helped that we slept in, ate a late brunch and then cooked a full lunch in our kitchen. Lots of normal life stuff. Having the little ones here helps the days go quickly too. 
Naomi napped today while Sinéad and I napped. She had some low grade fever with it peaking at 100.3. I would be lying if I said I was cool and calm about it. My guidelines are to contact the BMT team at 101 or above. I am not sure I will sleep well tonight. I may be up monitoring her temp. But her energy levels were so much better after her nap that I really do think she is doing fine and we go to clinic at 8:30am anyway. 

We played for a little while in the playroom. I keep Sinéad quarantined when she has a runny nose. So before we go to the playroom she has to use the nose frida. Letting her play for a little while after getting the nose frida done and washing her hands is a reward for both of us. Today she chose to play dress up. 

McNugget, the pet therapy dog, visited for a ling time today. I think he received his weight in treats too!

During a contemplative moment, I caught Sinéad teaching her baby doll to play piano. 

It is one month since Naomi’s last dose of chemo. We are at 50 days away from home and 43 in Wisconsin (with 1 night thrown in there after being released from Siena before our flight). Tomorrow we have clinic at 8:30am. I anticipate Naomi needing something to help beat this virus. She has not developed many symptoms but she is coughing occasionally and with the low grade fever tomorrow, I think he will want to do something about it. Possibly IVIG. She has never needed IVIG before. I have heard it can make her feel miserable. 

Her bravery continues. Today I was given permission to post a photo of her bald head. I knew the day would come. She is becoming more comfortable with it. She still wears hats 95% of the time we are outside of our room though. As it gets warmer I anticipate that she will go hatless more often. She often comments on how warm and itchy it can be. 

3 thoughts on “BMT +27 (Monday, day 43)

  1. Naomi you look beautiful! Keep on fighting little tiger. When the going gets tough just start roaring😉

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