BMT +66 (Friday, day 82)

There is a lot of excitement as we prepare to go home but we had a little dose of sobering reality as well. While it is true that we will all be home together very soon, Naomi’s immunology testing showed that she is only at a 7. To put it into perspective how weak her immune system is, you should know that 400 is normal and anything under 200 is at risk for fungal infections, illnesses, viruses, etc. So while we are all very excited to be home  together, her recovery is far from over. I will continue to do her daily IV antifungals and fluids. She will continue to have blood tests donetwice  a week and at least one visit with the doctor each week. We just have the huge advantage of sleeping in our own beds and being with our family. 

They said today that it could be 6-9 months before she has any appreciable immune function and maybe even 12-18 months for some. All this to say that we will continue to protect her from illnesses which will mean a lot of family time is in our future. If anyone knows good locations within an hour or so of Las Vegas where we can escape that maybe there is shade and it is a bit cooler, please message me! I am sure they exist. Being outdoors is good for her. 

While Aaron was here this week, we spent a lot of time doing fun things. We went to the zoo on Wednesday and Friday. We saw a Brewers vs. Red Sox game on Thursday with awesome seats between 3rd base and home plate in the 5th row! Naomi also baked a cake and decorated it. It was a carrot cake and very good. We also took a few walks behind the RMH and played soccer in the field. 

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