BMT +98

We have had a very busy few days here and that will continue through much of this week. Our Irish Dance school hosted a competition on Saturday and then we started dance camp the next day. With 3-4 hours of dance per day, the days are disappearing fast.
Naomi’s appts lately have been good. She is doing well dropping her blood pressure medicine to once a day. She may get to drop that completely this week. Her counts are a little bouncy right now. Her platelets went down to 225,000; hemoglobin holding steady at 12.1; ANC down to 1400. We know these fluctuations are normal. They just cause us to pull back a little more and be more cautious of exposure. 

She feels great and has been enjoying water balloons, water gun battles and lots of outdoor time. It has been unseasonable cool for a few days. So we are getting in outside time before it goes up to 111-115 later this week. Yuck! 

This family touched my life at a young age. Losing their daughter, Jenn, in a bus accident, they turned their heartache into a blessing. They created a Ronald McDonald House-like facility called Jenn’s House in the Lehigh Valley. They also created a scholarship to fund one twirler to attend Cheryl Chickey-Cipolone’s summer baton camp. I was the first recipient of that scholarship. Later in life, I was in the situation of needing to stay at a Ronald McDonald House myself while Naomi had her treatments in California and Wisconsin. When I looked at volunteer families and the staff at RMH, I thought of the Dillman family often. My heart is sad to hear she was battling cancer. May she rest in peace.

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