Naomi is doing really well. Her hair is coming back more quickly. Her labs have all been pretty good. Her IgG levels dropped below 500 which meant that she received IVIG this week. She feels a bit more tired and her appetite is not there as much. But that will only last a few days. 

We are so thankful Naomi is doing as well as she is. This transplant has certainly been harder on her. She has some tired days. Over the past two to three weeks she has gotten to the point that taking meds is just a habit and no longer a struggle or something she puts off. It has been life changing for us as a family and we are all so much closer and supportive of each other. There is nothing like being apart for months to remind us how important we are to each other. Our lives are happier having gone through such difficult months. We are more thankful for each other even if we didn’t know that was necessary or possible. 

On Sunday evening Naomi was able to go to the Gymcats banquet. Her coaches were so nice to invite her. She was even presented with the “Gymnast of the Year” Award. Her coaches had amazing things to say about her and to her. I am without words to describe how much I appreciate them including her in the banquet and recognizing her. When you call Gymcats their tagline is “the place where kids matter most” and I can say that is truly the case. She gave me her certificate before the group photo was taken. 

We made sure her line was well covered and she was able to go into the water up to her hips. She really had a lot of fun. 

We also celebrated Lauryn’s 13th birthday this weekend. Lauryn is a beautiful girl inside and out. I am amazed by her. Generous with her sisters, loving and helpful to all, and a good student, we are so proud of her. A third teen in the house! 

We continue to work diligently to finish up the school year. It will happen this week and then we will only have Math to complete over the summer. As I prepare 2017-2018 supplies, I am looking forward to putting away ALL the school stuff (except math) for at least 6 weeks or so beginning ASAP. 

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