Insurance Approved

I received notification today that insurance has fully approved the transplant and all paperwork is complete.  I cannot say enough good things about Aetna and our medical insurance throughout the past three months.  We were assigned a case manager for Naomi’s case immediately.  Both Charleen and now the transplant manager, Valerie, have been fantastic with approvals and preapprovals and keeping me informed.  It has been such a relief.

Since being home and opening our mail, we have found so many nice gifts!  A dear friend of mine made Naomi Broviac shirts which make it easy for her to stay covered but still easily access her catheter.  They are personalized and will be very much loved while we stay at COH for her transplant.

Natalie and Nicole, and the Casey family, your gifts were so special.  I miss seeing Naomi at gymnastics and on the bars, especially.  The bars were her specialty and she “rang the bell” there often.  So, your gift to her was heart-touching.  She treasures your medals and we look forward to a day, hopefully not too far off, that we can hug you!

I must end here before my keyboard is soaked with tears.  We are so blessed to have so many good and caring people supporting us.  Thank you.

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