BMT +72

Home! Our flight yesterday was fairly uneventful. Everything was on-time and Sinéad slept most the flight only throwing a tantrum and kicking the seat in front of us (which was vacant) during takeoff and right about time to land when she didn’t want to stay in her seatbelt. The most difficult aspect of traveling was getting all of our stuff to the check-in counter in Wisconsin and then from the luggage center and into the van in Nevada. It is amazing how easy it has been to re-integrate with the family.  It almost feels like we never left. 


Naomi has spent her first day at home riding bike, playing with toys that she has missed and just hanging outside. I have spent the day organizing, dusting, and mostly hanging out in my pajamas.

Her first office appointment here was this afternoon and her platelets are 210, hemoglobin 10.7, and ANC of 1600! Her white blood cell count and ANC nearly doubled since Tuesday. Looks like coming home was a great idea! 

One thought on “BMT +72

  1. welcome home!!!!! I’d suggest a coming home party at my house after Mass on Sunday but I know she is still immune compromised!! just know that we are happy you are all back!!

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